There's Good Customer Service. Then There's AWESOME Customer Service!

Which One Are YOU Providing?

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There’s good customer service; and then there’s AWESOME customer service! Awesome customer service is what Walt Disney was talking about when he said, “Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.”

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I recently had one of these experiences and just HAD to share…

It works for a $20 product as much as a $20,000 one.

Harry’s is a razor blade company ( that offers quality razors and other products for men’s hygiene. I was given a Harry’s shave kit for my birthday a few years ago, but hadn’t been using it because I was happy with my Head Blade (I’m a bald dude – somewhat by choice, somewhat not!). But, when I dropped my Head Blade a few months ago, I ran into trouble trying to find a replacement part for the “model” of razor I had. After several attempts to find the part and the appropriate blade to replace my broken one, I was in a pinch and pulled out my Harry’s blade.

I had only shaved my head with a Head Blade prior to this point, so it was a completely different experience using a “standard” razor. (If you don’t know, the Head Blade is like a little Matchbox Car with a razor on it; and you just roll it over your head to shave.) But, once I got used to it, the Harry’s razor did the trick, and actually performed a little better than the Head Blade.

I had been a die-hard Head Blade fan up to this point.

You have to realize, I was a total fan of Head Blade. It was a product made just for guys (and I suppose some ladies) who shave their heads. I told everyone I knew about it, because it was unique, it worked, and it was always received well when I talked about it. So, to move to a new razor was a big deal for me. But, it was more out of necessity than choice.

About a month ago, it was time to order replacement blades. I did a little price shopping, and came to the conclusion that it was best to just buy directly from Harry’s. During the purchase process, the website asked me a few questions about what I use the razor for (head or face), how often I shave, and a few other short questions, which I was happy to answer, thinking it’ll probably make my experience a little better down the road.

I placed my order and went on with my life. It’s just a razor blade, right; so I didn’t think much of it at the time. The blades came a few days later, and all was well.

Then, it happened…

I received an email a couple days after the blades arrived. It was titled, “Here for you at Harry’s.” Here’s how the email began:

“My name is Katie and I’m a member of the Harry’s team. I just wanted to reach out and say thanks so much for supporting Harry’s.

You are important to us and I am here to personally help you however I can. Our razors were designed with your face in mind, and since you mentioned you’re a head shaver, I thought I would share a few quick head shaving tips with you…”

Are you kidding me?

A personalized email, from an individual, including specific mention of my particular use of their product, with some ideas of how to use the product! I’m a marketing guy, so I am very aware this could be an automated message, just crafted very well and personalized through technology. But, I replied back to the email to say Thanks and to tell “Katie” how impressed I was with this follow up. And, would you believe, I received a response back from Katie herself?

Her response: “Great! This really is music to my ears. If you need anything at all, just let me know — I’m always happy to help. Happy shaving!”

This customer experience has made me a raving fan of Harry’s!

And, remember, we’re talking about a razor blade. But, I’m writing this blog post, and I’ll be telling people about this experience for years, as well as purchasing products – probably more than just the replacement blades – for years to come as well.

How you treat your customers really does matter. Like Walt Disney said, you want to “do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.”

One last thing.

Last week, I got another email from Harry’s. The title was, “Two razors for your friends (on us).” It read like this…

“You mean a lot to us. To say thanks, we’re offering you two razors to send to your friends – on us. Give them the feeling of shaving with Harry’s for the first time.”

It’s as if they took the line right from Disney! Now, it’s my turn to share the love and allow someone else to experience this great product and customer service.

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