Does Your Website Solve Problems?

One Question You Should Be Asking Yourself

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One Question You Should Be Asking Yourself

When it comes down to it, there's really just one question that should drive your online marketing efforts - and specifically to your website. So, what is this ONE QUESTION?

"When people visit my website, do we help solve their problems better than anyone in the world?"

Dang. That's a great question, right?

Hard to hear the answer, though, if we're being truthful. But, in an age where people can get information from all kinds of sources, if you want to genuinely lead your industry, the answer to this question HAS to be "yes."

I love Jay Baer's concept of "Youtility"...the idea that you need to be a valuable resource for your clients and prospects. He says it like this: "The objective is not to make information. The objective of content marketing is to produce information that customers and prospective customers will use." (emphasis mine)

So, back to the big question: When people visit your website, do you help solve their problems better than anyone in the world?

  • If not, what's the purpose of your website
  • If not, what are people going to do when they visit your site
  • If not, maybe you shouldn't even have a website at all?

That last one may seem a little harsh, but think about it. If all you do is provide information about your product, bios of your staff, pictures of your product in action...but you're not helping solve your prospect's problems, they'll move on to the next guy who will

Seriously, how did you answer the question?

If you didn't answer an immediate YES, then we should probably talk. If your website isn't helping your customers and prospects improve their own lives and businesses, you're missing out on an opportunity to grow beyond your wildest imagination. Helping is the new selling. And you'll be left behind if you don't embrace this fact.