What If You Had a Blueprint for Growing Your Business?

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What if you had a manual that told you what to do, what to say and how to respond to prospects so that, at the end of each month, you could see progress and know what to do next month to see even more? If you had such a blueprint, what would it look like?

A blueprint for growing your business should be specific.

To be valuable, a blueprint won’t be one-size-fits-all. It goes beyond cheesy platitudes and feel-good mantras. Its directions have to be particular to your value proposition and the sales process you use to communicate that value to prospects. It will also specifically address the objections prospects have when they are considering your products or services.

If a prospect says, “You’re too expensive,” how would you respond? A useful blueprint answers the tough questions.

A blueprint for growing your business should focus on process.

One-time, flash-in-the-pan projects don’t result in sustainable growth. A blueprint for growing your business must include practical directions that can be followed, repeated, measured, and improved over time. Measurement must be precise, actionable, and meaningful to your business objectives. You don’t just want to know that prospects are engaging with your value proposition; you want specific steps to improve engagement.

A blueprint for growing your business should be about sales.

You can’t grow your business without sales, but every company’s sales process is unique. A blueprint for growing your business should capture the steps your prospects go through from just getting to know you to trusting you with a purchase. Today, with over 80% of purchases researched online before a salesperson even knows a prospect is interested, a blueprint for your business must explain how the internet can attract visitors and nurture their interest to a point of sales engagement.

The Content Marketer’s Blueprint is a manual for growing your business.

Your blueprint starts with a specially crafted questionnaire that captures your first-hand knowledge of your business, the reasons people buy from you, and the reasons they don’t. This carefully gathered information is analyzed and mapped onto proven models for attracting prospects and nurturing their interest to a point of qualified sales engagement. The resulting plan is a sales process, unique to your business and specific to the value you provide and the challenges you have educating prospects about your value. I call this your sales engine.

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But like any engine, your sales engine won’t do anything without fuel. The fuel for your sales engine is content. Content that answers questions. Content that educates. Content that overcomes objections. Content that is the story of your business. The Content Marketer’s Blueprint defines the exact content topics and titles that you’ll use to make your sales engine attract leads and nurture their interest to a point of qualified sales engagement.

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