Are You Making These Blogging Mistakes?

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When it comes down to it, honestly, your audience doesn't need another blog post.

How's that for an intro coming from a guy who blogs several times a week and highly recommends blogging to his clients?

But, I won't end it there. They don't NEED another blog, but YOURS could actually help them and build your credibility at the same time...if you avoid these three simple blogging mistakes

Blogging Mistake #1: Your Blog Sells All the Time

Ninety-nine percent of the time, your blog should not be used as a direct sales tool - promoting your products, services, discounts or special offers.

The most effective blogs out there are the ones that help, not sell.

Want to know the fastest way to get your readers to delete you from their email or RSS feed? Sell all the time. On the other hand, if you want to get people engaged, sharing and promoting your content, be helpful. Be a resource. Offer ideas, opinions, tips and tricks that improve the lives of those you serve

Blogging Mistake #2: It's Not Clear Who You're Writing For

Most of the blogs I encounter are not focused, are not consistent, and are not clearly written for the intended audience.

The trouble is, most organizations just decide they're going to create a blog and start writing posts without a defined content marketing plan. Without a plan, blog topics are sporadic, posting is inconsistent and the message gets lost trying to appeal to several potential buyers.

When you have a single, targeted buyer in mind, it's amazing how much more effective your blogging will be. Instead of thinking how this concept might apply to all business owners, for example, you can write with the mindset of helping owners of small retail shop owners in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area.

Blogging Mistake #3: You Speak in a Language Only YOU Can Understand

Confession time. I struggle with this one.

I was having a conversation recently with someone not familiar with the term "content marketing," and he was asking me how he could explain what I do to someone else. In other words, how would he know someone was a good fit for our services and how could he tell them why they should talk with me?

After several attempts, I failed miserably.

He came back with this: "It sounds to me like you can help them layout a plan for their digital marketing strategy."

And that's pretty much it. Without all the fancy industry terminology of content marketing and inbound marketing and marketing blueprints, etc., it comes down to helping people with their digital marketing strategy. For him, that said it all. And, it helped me to come back around to realize that "content marketing" and "inbound marketing," while they may be phrases I use every day, are not terms that the world has fully accepted yet.

The same is true for any business blog. Consider the audience (blogging mistake #2) and then write in a language they will understand.

Mike over at shared this awesome infographic related to blogging mistakes.

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There are certainly other mistakes made in blogging every day, but narrowing it down to these three was not difficult. These are easily the biggest blogging mistakes out there. Address these, and you're on the right track.


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