Positive vs. Negative

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Do you have one of those friends? Everything bad seems to happen to them. They get sick more often. They have troubles in life and work. They complain about anything they can. It's like a cloud of negativity is constantly hanging over them.

Sometimes you feel bad for them. It seems they just can't catch a break. But, then you start to wonder...maybe there's a reason bad things happen to them. Maybe it's because they EXPECT bad things to happen so much that they just do? Or maybe it's just that focusing on the bad things makes it seem like it's all bad. When you dig a little more, you find there are plenty of good things going on in their life; those just aren't the things that are the focus.

Then, there's the other friend: the "happy guy" who seems to always be in a good mood and good things just seem to come his way. And, I'm not talking about the fake, over-the-top, "things could not be better" guy. I mean the genuine guy who just seems content with what he's been given - good or bad - and focuses more on the positive than the negative. It's not that bad things don't happen to him, it's just that he doesn't dwell on those things. He understands "stuff" happens and moves on.

Which one of these guys would you rather hang around? Which one will likely be more successful?

THE POSITIVE GUY, of course.

In family. In life. In work. Positive always wins in the end.

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