Four Reasons Your Business Should AVOID Facebook

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Still wondering if Facebook is right for your business? We see many companies who are waffling, should I or shouldn't I get involved in social media? Finally, a blog post that sets things straight and gives you four solid reasons why your business SHOULD NOT BE on Facebook.

Here we go. Your company should AVOID Facebook if...

1. You don't want to grow.

Plain and simple, if you're happy with exactly where you are (or even hoping to do less business in the future), then you should avoid Facebook. If growing is not in your plans, Facebook is not for you.

2. You're afraid to talk to your customers.

Truth is, Facebook opens you up to actually communicate with your customers. If your products suck and/or your service is subpar, definitely stay away from Facebook.

3. You don't have anything to say.

If your social media strategy is to post self-serving messages every day and tell people to buy your product/service, put your money into a sandwich board on the sidewalk outside, you'll get more response from that.

4. You don't serve humans.

The majority of Facebook users are humans; so if you don't cater to this audience, avoid it at all costs. You'll be wasting your time.

There you have it, four reasons to avoid Facebook, or just social media in general.

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