A Good Laugh

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Want a good laugh? Watch this...

I was recently listening to an old presentation by Napoleon Hill, writer of Think and Grow Rich, and I was intrigued by one particular thing he said. I summarize here, but he basically said that one thing you can do to improve your outlook on life is to enjoy an out-loud laugh - a good, strong belly laugh - once a day, preferably earlier in the day. Doing so, said Hill, can change the way you approach your day.


I like to laugh. I never thought about it, but it is very hard to be angry, frustrated, disappointed, stressed or have any other negative feelings when you're laughing.


The laughing quadruplets in this video seem to be truly enjoying life. Same goes for us. And, this is how I'll bring this back to "business"...ENJOY WHAT YOU DO! Find ways to laugh, even if your business isn't particularly funny. Take 5 minutes every morning to search YouTube for funny videos. All it takes is 5 minutes. And, by doing so, you'll approach your work day, your family, all those you come in contact with in a better way.

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