Summer, Shiny Objects, and Systems

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Summer officially started last week, kicking off with the longest day of the year on June 20. I've never really thought about it, but I think that's my new favorite day of the year! The sun rises very early in the morning and sticks around until after 9:00. And, this year, in Northeast Ohio anyway, it was a gorgeous, sunny, warm day.

I've always loved summer - and warm weather, in particular. Growing up in Dallas, we had a lot more warm, sunny days than we have here. But, whether you're in Texas or Ohio, there's just something about the sun and blue skies. People are happier, I think.

But, for "nomadic entrepreneurs" like myself - those of us who work out of the home, or Starbucks, or Panera, or wherever, summer can be a tough time to stay focused. Nice weather means golfing or boating or just plain not working are a lot easier.

The Need for a System

I hear a lot of people say, "I could never work from home. I'd never get anything done."

And, that can be the case for many; but systems make all the difference in the world. Yes, there's some discipline associated with it, but once that system becomes a routine, it happens automatically.

For me, I focus on the time-intensive stuff in the mornings. I'm not perfect at it, but before getting into emails and other small tasks on my to-do list, I address the items I know will involve dedicated time and energy - blogging, strategizing and planning for clients, reviewing content, etc.

Since the beginning of summer, my wife has started "time blocking" and it has made a huge difference for her. (She also works from home - She has a system in place that tells her what to do on certain days and at particular times during the day. She built her time-blocking system based on her audience, her most efficient days and times, and what works for her.

If you're a nomad like us, consider implementing systems to make your work more efficient - especially during the summer months. But, make sure to include time to enjoy the sunshine, too! We often work from our deck on nice days; and Anne is able to work from the pool, too - fulfilling her two passions at once: sunbathing and changing women's lives!

Two Shiny Objects in My Life Right Now

If you know me at all, you know I have "shiny object syndrome" - the tendency (or some may say addiction) to be distracted by "shiny objects" - just like Doug in the movie UP! when he sees a squirrel.

It's not seasonal, though - there's no connection to summer or the weather or anything like that. These shiny objects, though, are what keep me going. They inspire me. They motivate me. They make me more creative.

So, I have two shiny objects in my life right now. I'm gonna wait to share until they are official - but, I can say the first one should launch within the next week or so! So, be looking out for that! (How's THAT for a tease!?!)

What's the takeaway from today's post?

  1. Enjoy summer.
  2. Have a system.
  3. Shiny objects aren't bad. (In fact, many "side projects" have become some of the most successful businesses in the world!)

Have an AWESOME day!

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