Success in the Jungle

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Have you ever wondered how some people are successful (in business and in life) and others aren't? More than 30 years ago, Scott Alexander discovered why: some people are rhinoceroses and others are cows.

If you haven't already, you must read Rhinoceros Success, a fabulous book about life, business, relationships, and more, and how to approach each with drive and passion - charging like a rhinoceros!

It's a VERY easy read - even for someone like me who takes three weeks to get through "Go, Dog. Go!" In fact, you can probably sit down with the book and be done in a couple hours. And, afterwards, you'll get up, ready to take on the world! Like a charging rhinoceros!

There are many fantastic points that I've pulled from the book (this is at least my 4th time reading it). I'll touch on a few here:

Thick Skin - becoming successful, in life, business, finances, or whatever, takes thick skin - two-inch thick skin, to be a rhinoceros! Seriously, at it's thickest, strongest point, a rhino's skin is almost two inches thick! That'll keep you from taking things personally, won't it?

Charge - if you want something, you have to go after it. Sitting around, chewing cud in the fields won't get you very far.

Give to Get - from the basics of the Bible to the good feelings we get when we help someone in need, it is clear that we're better off giving than getting. And, we also see that those who give the most tend to be the most successful, happiest people on the planet.

You Are Who You Hang Around With - if you hang with the lazy cows, you'll become (or stay) a lazy cow. Find people who inspire you and reach out to them; start to hang with fun, successful, driven people, and you'll start to become like them. Learn as much as you can from those who've already "done it" and from those you see "doing it" now. Grow, learn, succeed together.

There are a ton of other tidbits that I could share, but then I'd ruin it for all of you.

Go buy the book - you'll be glad you did! Get it on Amazon right now.

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