Storytelling as a Content Marketing Tactic

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When my daughter, Audrey, was much younger, I used to lay in bed with her at bedtime. We’d talk about what was good during that day and what she looked forward to most about tomorrow. Sometimes we’d read a book (a favorite was “Designed by God, So I Must Be Special” – I could recite that book, by the way!), and then sometimes she’d ask me to tell a story – one that I’d make up.

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Most times, I’d intertwine something about a little girl so she’d feel a part of the story. They wouldn’t last long – maybe 2-3 minutes – but Audrey would be entranced. She’d either be looking directly at me, hanging on my every word; or she’d sometimes close her eyes as she imagined the story in her mind.

Storytelling is a powerful thing.

Whether it’s a child listening to her dad or you or me watching a movie of any kind, stories compel us. They pull us in and get us involved. We want to believe stories. We want to be a part of stories.

That’s why telling a story should be a big part of your content marketing strategy. When you tell a story, you are more likely to grab the interest of your audience. You gain an emotional foothold and make it easier for your audience to relate to you and your product or service.

In his article, The Power of Storytelling: Content Strategy Tweaks Businesses Can Implement Today, Syed Balkhi shares at least three benefits of storytelling in business:

  1. Telling Your Story Humanizes Your Brand
  2. Stories Help Your Audience Better Understand Complex Ideas
  3. Stories Help Establish Your Authoriy

And, in this article, Brittney Ervin from Inbound Marketing Agents shares “5 Tips for Mastering the Art of Brand Storytelling.

Remember, your stories shouldn’t be all about you. Share stories about your clients. Tell stories about your industry. Use stories to explain why your product or service helped save a life, improve the bottom line or increase X.

And, just like when I would share a bedtime story with Audrey, be sure to embed your audience into the story whenever possible. When your prospect can envision herself in your story, you have a much better chance of connecting with her.

What’s your story?

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