Let's Talk About Me For A Minute

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This is week seven of a series where I'll be sharing a chapter from my book (Stop Selling Start Helping) each week. If you missed the previous weeks, click here to view all chapters. To learn more about Stop Selling Start Helping, click here.

Let's Talk About Me For A Minute

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“Let’s talk about me for a minute.”

Would you ever start a conversation that way? (Don’t answer that. Let’s just pretend you wouldn’t.)

Do a little exercise for me: Open up your company’s proposal. Open up your PowerPoint presentation. Look at the home page of your website. Think about your “30-second commercial.”

What do the first few slides/paragraphs/statements look like?

“We’re in 57 countries. We offer 14 different products. We’ve been around since 1982. We work with ABC, XYZ and QRS companies. Our products are better than any other products out there.”

Sound familiar? Well, people don’t care.

Sorry. It’s just the truth. Okay, maybe they care a little bit. But that’s not the #1 thing on their mind.

So, what IS on their mind?

  • I’m frustrated with ____________.
  • I need help with _____________.
  • I don’t understand _____________.
  • I’m stressed about _____________.
  • I don’t have time to deal with _____________.
  • I’m not even sure WHAT would help me. I’m just trying to figure things out.

Next time you give a presentation, share a proposal, go on a sales call, whatever...do me a favor. Leave behind the PowerPoint slides that brag all about you and your company.

Instead, bring a list of questions that will help your customer/prospect/audience express what it is that THEY want out of the discussion. Be genuine about wanting to help, not to just “sell” them something.

Seriously. Do this.

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