A Reminder of What's Really Important

Content Marketing is About Helping

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A Remider of What's Really Important
As I was preparing for a speech I'm giving today, I was reminded of the core of what I do. Content marketing. Inbound marketing. Solution selling. It really doesn't matter what you call it.
The basic foundation is that I am here to help.
The whole concept of Stop Selling. Start Helping. is to get beyond the mentality of "selling" people stuff; instead, it's all about "helping" people to become better educated about their situation, to understand their options, to be informed of some new piece of relevant knowledge, and then to see if there is something I/we can do to help move them to a better place.
If we forget that as the base, then none of the other stuff we do matters. We are just focusing on selling our products or services. 

Remember what's really important:
It is all about helping. 
Anything else is just taking advantage, convincing someone, tricking or persuading someone to do or buy something. And, that's just not right.
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